Should we start an “Aunties Clique”?!

July 30, 2008

I am on the road pitching Mommies Clique in Chicago this week, actively recruiting Chief Mommie Organizers (CMOs) in Chicago, San Fran and New York! Know anyone? 

Someone told me about a new community called Savvy Auntie.  What a cool idea!  Everyone—including me–has been talking about the “Power of Mommies” and Mommie bloggers but what about The Power of Aunties?  I have to think there is tremendous spending power there. 

Savvy Auntie says” Though many women opt not to have their own children, that doesn’t mean they don’t dote on the kids in their life.” and  is a “parenting site for non-parents” targeting PANKS–“Professional Aunts, No Kids”.  The site includes recommendations for activities indoors, outdoors or from a long-distance, age appropriate gift ideas, and a forum to share tips.

As Auntie to precious Ava, Alex, Robert, Levi and Hannah you can bet I am going to check it out to make sure I am doing “All Things Auntie”!  Love it.  Melanie Notkin is a genius!



Omnicom’s G23 consultancy group managed by women to reach women

July 2, 2008

Mommies Clique was founded on the idea that the best way to reach moms is to create messages by moms, in their terms.  Now it looks as though other companies are capitalizing on similar, parallel themes …

Omnicom Group has recently announced the development of a consultancy group to assist marketers in reaching out to an elusive and influential consumer: females.  The name of this faction is G23 – G for group, and 23 to represent the second set of chromosomes that determines one’s gender.  G23 will be managed by top leaders within Omnicom, all of them women.

So why focus an entire consultancy group on one gender?  Women have a 75 percent buying presence in the marketplace.  Once these shopping mavens become wives and mothers, their buying presence really grows.  Women influence purchase decisions for their children, husbands and households, including everything from automobiles, health care and home improvement, not to mention clothing.

While women have spent years shopping the latest trends, it is the female consumer that is now in fashion.  Marketers know that buying power lies within women; however, tapping into this market in the most effective manner has proven challenging for many.

G23 has assumed the role in guiding agencies towards reaching out to females.  What better way to reach out to women than through a consultancy run by women?  With an ever-growing presence in universities, the workplace and the online world, there are no signs of this female presence slowing down.

Looks like it’s a woman’s world after all!

Hewlett Packard outreaches the ‘momosphere’ for BlogHer conference

July 1, 2008

It seems Hewlett Packard is reaching out to moms in an attempt to build some brand evangelism. HP has given mommy blogger, Stephanie Precourt $250 toward the BlogHer conference in San Francisco on July 18-20 and donated an additional $250 for an Adventures in Babywearing reader to also attend the conference.

The gift is a considerate gesture that shows support not only to moms and bloggers, but also to the activities that matter to them: supporting moms, bloggers and their interests.  And $250 undoubtedly goes a long way, almost covering the cost of the conference (ranging from 50 to 348 dollars) or cutting back on the cost of travel.  With the rise of gas prices recently, it is a smart and considerate way to support the personal interests of HP’s customers while also promoting the company itself in a positive light.

In addition, the monetary gesture is beneficial to many.  HP received positive brand reinforcement from Precourt, who thanked “the terrific masterminds who care about … women bloggers over at HP” on her blog.  The gesture also increases traffic to Precourt’s site, promotes the BlogHer conference itself and rewards a lucky reader.  Sounds like a pretty good way to pay it forward to mommies!