Wal*Mart and A Few (actually 11) Good Mommies

October 11, 2008

Mommies in Mommies Clique have recently have been seeing quite a bit on Twitter and other social nets about Wal*Mart’s new Money Saving Community Project called “Eleven Moms”  Yes, only ELEVEN MOMS across the USA–only ELEVEN–were hand-selected to regularly post money saving advice on video.  Given the Wal*Mart blogger disaster of 2006, it should be noted that they made the 11 Moms really make it very, very clear its a volunteer opportunity and Wal-mart is not paying for content, and the 11 Moms views’ are totally their own. 

Walmart’s Eleven Moms are:

I think this is brilliant and am wondering when Wal*Mart is going to contact Mommies Clique and our national network of Mommies to start blogging about everyday value.  In this economy, its hard to be a Mommie and not be looking for everyday values.  This Chief Mommy Organizer thinks that Wal*Mart’s holiday toy announcement will bring joy to Mommies and Daddy Santa’s everywhere!