Wal*Mart and A Few (actually 11) Good Mommies

Mommies in Mommies Clique have recently have been seeing quite a bit on Twitter and other social nets about Wal*Mart’s new Money Saving Community Project called “Eleven Moms”  Yes, only ELEVEN MOMS across the USA–only ELEVEN–were hand-selected to regularly post money saving advice on video.  Given the Wal*Mart blogger disaster of 2006, it should be noted that they made the 11 Moms really make it very, very clear its a volunteer opportunity and Wal-mart is not paying for content, and the 11 Moms views’ are totally their own. 

Walmart’s Eleven Moms are:

I think this is brilliant and am wondering when Wal*Mart is going to contact Mommies Clique and our national network of Mommies to start blogging about everyday value.  In this economy, its hard to be a Mommie and not be looking for everyday values.  This Chief Mommy Organizer thinks that Wal*Mart’s holiday toy announcement will bring joy to Mommies and Daddy Santa’s everywhere!


2 Responses to Wal*Mart and A Few (actually 11) Good Mommies

  1. GeekMommy says:

    Well, it makes sense to me… I’ll pass the link to this along. 🙂

    WalMart is very committed to listening to its customers – and while they have associated with us, and with another group of Moms through Communispace (there are hundreds in that community) I’m sure they’d be happy to know that Mommies Clique is interested in helping them join us in shaping their presence in Social Media.


  2. mommiesclique says:

    Thanks! We hope we can help!

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