The New Marketing Secret Weapon–The Connected Mom

November 4, 2008

Today’s MediaPost Daily–a must read for any marketer–talks about the reality of convergence — across platforms, media and marrketing in general. Every marketer worth talking to today knows that digital influence and conversational influence is transforming and will continue to transform our current market opportunities.  Especially in this challenging environment.
 MediaPost speaks to what Mommies Clique is doing every day for brands and companies and products: We marketers spark the conversation and the Mommies drive it. Like MediaPost says, Mommies Clique Mommies are mentors, hosts, ambassadors, advocates, and–at their essence– 
communicators. The MediaPost reiterates what we have been saying about moms:

–    On many consumer brand purchases, they are the primary decision-maker.
–    They are brand loyal – but they try new things, especially when advocated.
–    They are recommenders; they listen to recommenders.
–    They appreciate “review” content.
–    They are community-driven and have shown an interest in social media from its very beginnings — and now are there to a notable height. Once in chat rooms and on message boards, they now frequent social media forums, sharing online.
–    They blog. Big-time — and often about brands with the motive of advocacy.

 The eMarketer report entitled “Mom Bloggers Fuel Online Brand Talk” underscores new models for monetizing, engaging, and really harnessing the power of Mommies in the blogospherem like Mommies Clique.   MediaPost goes on to say that “More than three-quarters of mothers who blog in the US review products, according to recently released data from Mom Central Reporting” and “Mom bloggers may be especially open to contact from brands in the current economic environment: More than 60% of mom bloggers considered making money important and wanted more connectivity with companies; over one-third (37%) said they had already been contacted as a resource for the press.” and
“Working with mom bloggers makes sense because the Internet is a leading conversation starter about products and brands among new and expectant mothers, according to a January 2008 study by BabyCenter and Keller Fay Group.”
It warmed this Mommie Blogger’s heart that Kendall Allen concluded that she “would argue that the advocating, connector mom is major firepower.”  MAJOR FIREPOWER!  How about that Mommies?  This warmed this overtired, very spent Mommies’ heart.  Thank you Kendall Allen and more power to the Hand That Rocks The Cradle!  Mommies, what do you think?


Wal*Mart and A Few (actually 11) Good Mommies

October 11, 2008

Mommies in Mommies Clique have recently have been seeing quite a bit on Twitter and other social nets about Wal*Mart’s new Money Saving Community Project called “Eleven Moms”  Yes, only ELEVEN MOMS across the USA–only ELEVEN–were hand-selected to regularly post money saving advice on video.  Given the Wal*Mart blogger disaster of 2006, it should be noted that they made the 11 Moms really make it very, very clear its a volunteer opportunity and Wal-mart is not paying for content, and the 11 Moms views’ are totally their own. 

Walmart’s Eleven Moms are:

I think this is brilliant and am wondering when Wal*Mart is going to contact Mommies Clique and our national network of Mommies to start blogging about everyday value.  In this economy, its hard to be a Mommie and not be looking for everyday values.  This Chief Mommy Organizer thinks that Wal*Mart’s holiday toy announcement will bring joy to Mommies and Daddy Santa’s everywhere!

Safeway Adopts “Mother Knows Best” Mentality

May 30, 2008

Lately, we’ve been very excited to notice others realizing and harnessing the power of word of mom.

Safeway LogoRecently, Safeway, a California-based grocer, announced the launch of its new line of store-brand baby products called “mom to mom.”  Based on mommy guidance and insight about what moms value most in baby-care products, Safeway rolled out an 80-item line that includes diapers, baby wipes, toiletries, lotions and infant formula.

The “mom to mom” product line was created after research conducted by Safeway revealed important characteristics of the baby products mothers looked for and valued – gentleness and ease-of-use.  As a result, these key attributes were integrated into Safeway’s product research and development, eventually “giving birth” to the new “mom to mom” product line, which includes items such as hypoallergenic baby wipes and wide-bottom baby wash and lotion bottoms to prevent tipping and spilling.

An added interactive element found on Safeway store displays includes parenting tips from fellow mothers, such as:

Read to your little one every day.  It’s great bonding, and it will help prepare him for school.

One thing’s for certain: the “Mother Knows Best” motto is still the final authority in childcare.

Have you noticed any other ways people are tapping into mommy resources?  Let us know!

Connecting with Alpha Moms

May 13, 2008

Our Mommies Clique members have been enjoying Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff’s new book, Groundswell. Particularly, we’ve been digging into the authors’ research findings and insight on Alpha Moms. About a year ago, buzz about this group of “educated, tech-savvy, Type A moms with a common goal: mommy excellence” began circulating on- and off-line.

Not only does this group have significant purchasing power, they spend about 87 minutes online every day according to ComScore; that’s seven percent more time than most consumers spend online. With good reason, companies have been paying attention and see this group as an incredible audience for new family-friendly products and services.

What we appreciated about the findings presented in Groundswell is that Charlene and Josh show marketers how Alpha Moms are spending their time online by offering a technographic profile of the group. Armed with this insight, any company interested in connecting with them can be sure its doing so in a manner that will be most meaningful to moms and effective in satisfying its business objectives.

Here is a recent presentation Charlene gave and data chart outlining these key findings:

One finding that is particularly interesting to me is that a significant number of Alpha Moms act as critics online. Smartly, Alpha Moms TV has a great product review section to cater to this interest. Additionally, the site is cleanly organized and nicely presented. This will particularly appeal to the 54 percent of Alpha Moms who are primarily spectators online. Any brand interested in connecting with Alpha Moms should consider taking a similar approach.

Are you an Alpha Mom? If so, we’d love to hear your perspective on how Forrester’s technographic profile matches up to your own online habbits.

Data chart source.

Welcome To Mommies Clique!

May 8, 2008