The New Marketing Secret Weapon–The Connected Mom

November 4, 2008

Today’s MediaPost Daily–a must read for any marketer–talks about the reality of convergence — across platforms, media and marrketing in general. Every marketer worth talking to today knows that digital influence and conversational influence is transforming and will continue to transform our current market opportunities.  Especially in this challenging environment.
 MediaPost speaks to what Mommies Clique is doing every day for brands and companies and products: We marketers spark the conversation and the Mommies drive it. Like MediaPost says, Mommies Clique Mommies are mentors, hosts, ambassadors, advocates, and–at their essence– 
communicators. The MediaPost reiterates what we have been saying about moms:

–    On many consumer brand purchases, they are the primary decision-maker.
–    They are brand loyal – but they try new things, especially when advocated.
–    They are recommenders; they listen to recommenders.
–    They appreciate “review” content.
–    They are community-driven and have shown an interest in social media from its very beginnings — and now are there to a notable height. Once in chat rooms and on message boards, they now frequent social media forums, sharing online.
–    They blog. Big-time — and often about brands with the motive of advocacy.

 The eMarketer report entitled “Mom Bloggers Fuel Online Brand Talk” underscores new models for monetizing, engaging, and really harnessing the power of Mommies in the blogospherem like Mommies Clique.   MediaPost goes on to say that “More than three-quarters of mothers who blog in the US review products, according to recently released data from Mom Central Reporting” and “Mom bloggers may be especially open to contact from brands in the current economic environment: More than 60% of mom bloggers considered making money important and wanted more connectivity with companies; over one-third (37%) said they had already been contacted as a resource for the press.” and
“Working with mom bloggers makes sense because the Internet is a leading conversation starter about products and brands among new and expectant mothers, according to a January 2008 study by BabyCenter and Keller Fay Group.”
It warmed this Mommie Blogger’s heart that Kendall Allen concluded that she “would argue that the advocating, connector mom is major firepower.”  MAJOR FIREPOWER!  How about that Mommies?  This warmed this overtired, very spent Mommies’ heart.  Thank you Kendall Allen and more power to the Hand That Rocks The Cradle!  Mommies, what do you think?

Hewlett Packard outreaches the ‘momosphere’ for BlogHer conference

July 1, 2008

It seems Hewlett Packard is reaching out to moms in an attempt to build some brand evangelism. HP has given mommy blogger, Stephanie Precourt $250 toward the BlogHer conference in San Francisco on July 18-20 and donated an additional $250 for an Adventures in Babywearing reader to also attend the conference.

The gift is a considerate gesture that shows support not only to moms and bloggers, but also to the activities that matter to them: supporting moms, bloggers and their interests.  And $250 undoubtedly goes a long way, almost covering the cost of the conference (ranging from 50 to 348 dollars) or cutting back on the cost of travel.  With the rise of gas prices recently, it is a smart and considerate way to support the personal interests of HP’s customers while also promoting the company itself in a positive light.

In addition, the monetary gesture is beneficial to many.  HP received positive brand reinforcement from Precourt, who thanked “the terrific masterminds who care about … women bloggers over at HP” on her blog.  The gesture also increases traffic to Precourt’s site, promotes the BlogHer conference itself and rewards a lucky reader.  Sounds like a pretty good way to pay it forward to mommies!