Omnicom’s G23 consultancy group managed by women to reach women

July 2, 2008

Mommies Clique was founded on the idea that the best way to reach moms is to create messages by moms, in their terms.  Now it looks as though other companies are capitalizing on similar, parallel themes …

Omnicom Group has recently announced the development of a consultancy group to assist marketers in reaching out to an elusive and influential consumer: females.  The name of this faction is G23 – G for group, and 23 to represent the second set of chromosomes that determines one’s gender.  G23 will be managed by top leaders within Omnicom, all of them women.

So why focus an entire consultancy group on one gender?  Women have a 75 percent buying presence in the marketplace.  Once these shopping mavens become wives and mothers, their buying presence really grows.  Women influence purchase decisions for their children, husbands and households, including everything from automobiles, health care and home improvement, not to mention clothing.

While women have spent years shopping the latest trends, it is the female consumer that is now in fashion.  Marketers know that buying power lies within women; however, tapping into this market in the most effective manner has proven challenging for many.

G23 has assumed the role in guiding agencies towards reaching out to females.  What better way to reach out to women than through a consultancy run by women?  With an ever-growing presence in universities, the workplace and the online world, there are no signs of this female presence slowing down.

Looks like it’s a woman’s world after all!